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We are your industry voice to government, advocating for change to benefit sustainable growth through initiatives to support small business.


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Become a Confident Salon Leader with an AHC Membership

Become a Confident Salon Leader with an AHC Membership

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As the foremost authority for hairdressing and barbering, the AHC stands as the primary resource for media inquiries and governmental consultations within our sector, advocating on behalf of business owners nationwide.

What sets the AHC apart is our personal touch — inquiries are met by industry insiders. Our team comprises experienced hairdressers, former salon owners, and educators who deeply understand the unique challenges and joys of the hairdressing profession.
In the intricate landscape of small business, robust representation is crucial at every governmental level and in dealings with organisations influencing our field.

Serving as the comprehensive voice for our industry, the AHC ensures wide-ranging advocacy that spans education, labour relations, employment, and broader small business concerns, all aimed at nurturing and defending the interests of all involved in elevating our industry.

Everything You Need To Build A Great Team and a Thriving Salon

  • Understanding Business Fundamentals: Guidance on managing finances, marketing strategies, and customer service excellence.
  • HR and Staff Management: Support in recruiting skilled staff, fostering a positive work environment, and navigating employment laws.
  • Efficient Operations: Tips on streamlining salon operations, from appointment scheduling to inventory management.
  • Financial Planning: Advice on budgeting, pricing strategies, and maximising profitability
  • Marketing Your Salon: Creative ideas for promoting your salon, building a brand identity, and engaging with clients through social media and other platforms.
  • Navigating Industry Challenges: Insights into overcoming common obstacles in the hairdressing business, such as competition and market trends.
  • Efficient Operations: Tips on streamlining salon operations, from appointment scheduling to inventory management.
  • Legal Compliance: Assistance with understanding and adhering to industry regulations and standards.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to a community of fellow salon owners for shared learning and support.
  • Understanding Business Fundamentals: Guidance on managing finances, marketing strategies, and customer service excellence.

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The Resources
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Utilise our tailor-made resources, including business management tools, HR support, and policy templates, specifically designed for the needs of the hairdressing industry.



Achieve recognition and distinction in the hairdressing industry through our accreditation process, enhancing your salon’s credibility and setting a benchmark for excellence and professionalism.

When you are great at hair, but need some help with running your salon.

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful salon. AHC offers the help you need so that you work towards building a great salon.

You have dreamed of a smooth running salon that allows you the opportunity to make the money you deserve while spending cherished time with those you love.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Australian Hairdressing Council has several types of memberships available for passionate hair, beauty, barbers and industry advocates:

If you employ, contract or rent chairs, then Salon Select membership is for you. Salons that join the AHC are known as ‘Salon Select’. Membership starts at Red status, then via an accreditation process your business can become Silver or Gold Salon Select, depending on which standards your salon business meets. Green Salon Select status is also available for salons with eco-friendly practices. Accreditation from an industry association says that you are a reputable and quality salon. AHC Salon Select membership is the perfect vehicle to promote that you run a professional compliant business to your local community.

Single Owner Select (SOS) Membership
If you are an independent stylist, a freelancer, solo operator with a compliant home business or perhaps in a rent-a-chair arrangement within another business, you are eligible for SOS. We welcome you to join our community of salons, suppliers, educators and creatives all working together to ensure that the Australian hairdressing industry remains a worldwide leader in our craft.

Associate Membership
The AHC has a wide spectrum of businesses that enjoy the benefits of being an Associate Member by connecting with thousands of salons around Australia to promote their product or service. These range from salon supplies (furniture, products, tools, food and beverage, uniforms, software companies and many more) through to allied services (marketing, photography, business coaches, educators, PR and creative agencies to name a few). For a moderate annual fee, AHC Associate Membership could open a whole new world for your business!

Franchise Membership
Franchises and salon groups of five or more salons come under this level of membership.

RTO Select Membership
This is for Registered Training Organisations, both private and public. Connect with salon employers, other RTOs, educators, government and industry players who influence future directions in the Training Package reviews, assessment strategies and education. Take advantage of direct access to the latest industry news, resources and invaluable connections.

Teacher Membership
If you are a teacher at a private college or TAFE, you are also welcome at the AHC. For a very moderate annual fee, you can keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of Education and Training and have your say with key industry players on vital plans for the future of your students. Network with likeminded associates and have access to valuable resources and news.

Representing Small Business
Small businesses require strong representation at all levels of Government, as well as to other organisations whose policies and decisions affect their industry.
The AHC is the voice of our industry with holistic representation covering skills and education, industrial and employment relations, immigration, and all small business matters. Our hairdressing industry needs credible representation at all levels of Government and the media. Our cause is to support all stakeholders for the betterment of the industry.
The AHC is also a proud member and contributor to COSBOA, Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia.

A Voice to Government
The AHC undertakes extensive advocacy and lobbying, and ensures it is engaged and present at a Government level so that our industry is not overlooked when it comes to important decisions.
We are active in the lobbying and consultancy space, including the following:

  • Keeping hairdressing on the Skills Migration List.
  • Feedback on Vocation and Education and Training Reform ( VET )
  • Industrial reforms and changes affecting small businesses.
  • Apprenticeships, Incentives and Employment.
  • Federal and State Government engagement on the recovery of natural disasters and the pandemic.
  • Creating a Case for Change, consulting with RTOs and Industry for a new Training Package for Hairdressing and Barbering.

The Issues that Matter

The AHC supports businesses that invest in the future of our industry, training our future stylists and barbers via apprenticeships or self-funded courses. Our programs, resources, and employment advice, help business owners who are too busy working in their business to source the information they need to access to successfully run their salons. 
What makes the Australian Hairdressing Council stand out from other associations? The difference with the AHC is that an industry person will respond to your query. Our team members are all hairdressers, business owners and/or educators, and have an understanding of what it’s like to stand in your shoes.
The hairdressing industry landscape has evolved over the last 10 years. The way many do business has changed, with the increase of solopreneurs, rent a chair operators, freelance stylists, contractors, studio and suite locations, and home business operators. With 95% of our industry being female, flexible work arrangements have become a necessity for many.
The AHC as an Association adapts to this changing landscape by understanding the needs for these business models. The AHC acts as a connection to these businesses to encourage inclusivity so that no business or individual feels isolated, but instead, supported.

A Sustainable Future
The future of the Australian hairdressing industry is reliant on hairdressing being seen as a career of choice. We aim to educate and inform careers advisors, parents, and individuals, on the countless opportunities in a career of hairdressing or barbering.
The skills in our industry are reliant on employing and training apprentices and upskilling our industry, as well as sponsored migrants bringing in unique skills, Change is permanent in hairdressing and barbering. The most successful stylists never stop learning and never stop educating.

The Australian Hairdressing Council is a not-for-profit industry association. The affairs of the Council are controlled, managed by, or under the direction of the Board of Directors and bound by our Constitution, which governs a set of fundamental principles or established precedents that the AHC is run by.

Your best business investment

Just as there are several AHC membership types, there are also various membership prices, depending on what type of business yours is. All memberships are for a minimum of 12 months. A Salon Select membership is about the same investment in your daily cup of coffee, giving you peace of mind, advice when you need it, saving you time and money. Associate Memberships are available for solo operators, solopreneurs and companies. For more information on pricing and membership types, go to our Memberships page.

Secure Payments – this would be updated with the new CRM – placeholder

Payleadr handles all AHC membership payments. Payleadr is an Australian owned and operated company that has been established by a team of passionate payments and software industry experts possessing more than 30 years combined payment experience. Payleadr is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and holds an Australian Financials Services License (501914) enabling them to issue non-cash payments products. It sounds cliché, but we’re serious about security. Very serious. And so is Payleadr. All data is handled in accordance with their privacy policy and all traffic on the Payleadr site and platform is encrypted via SSL, meaning they encrypt and decrypt date sent over the internet.

Flexible Payment Options– this would be updated with the new CRM – placeholder

Memberships can be paid by direct debit from an Australian bank account, Visa or MasterCard debit card or a Visa or MasterCard credit card. The Payleadr platform offers the ability to pay for your AHC membership in annual, six-monthly, quarterly, monthly, four weekly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. Annual payments receive a 10% discount on the annual AHC membership fee (Salon Select membership only). PayPal is not available on the Payleadr platform.

Membership is Tax Deductible
AHC membership is 100% tax deductible. Make sure your accountant has your payment receipt so you can claim it back at tax time.


The sense of community. The support. The knowledge that you get accurate, up-to-date information, every time. The guidance from our specialised employment lawyers. The sharing of advice and knowledge from experienced, likeminded salon owners within our organisation. The countless resources at your fingertips to help you with everything in business. The friendships. The confidence knowing that you are not alone and others are experiencing or have gone through exactly what you are.

The AHC understands that all business owners need to be informed and supported with industry changes or employee advice. Salon owners join the AHC as ‘Salon Select’ members and gain access to the following, plus so much more:

  • Specialised Workplace Advisory Team advising on all employment and Award queries
  • Over 400 resources covering crucial operational information including pay tables and IR changes
  • Employee management ideas and templates
  • Policies and Procedures covering your salon culture
  • Valuable support, opportunity, insight and inspiration in many areas as you forge ahead in your business
  • A support network of industry peers at your fingertips via a 24/7 online forum
  • Consumer recognition that your salon is amongst the very best in Australia
  • Accreditation as a GOLD or SILVER Salon Select salon, as well as GREEN accreditation for eco-friendly salon warriors
  • Access to seminars, speakers, business insight and creative education opportunities at discounted AHC membership prices
  • Peace of mind that you are part of a community of likeminded business owners that will support and help you throughout your business journey.