The Resources, Support and Community You Need as a Salon Owner.


Direct access to industry people, specialised and knowledgeable, offering invaluable insights, up to date information, and accurate advice to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of business.


Be part of the network of the salon industry professionals, sharing experiences and solutions to the wide variety of challenges business owners face today.

to Growth

We are your industry voice to government, advocating for change to benefit sustainable growth through initiatives to support small business.


Access the comprehensive resources 24/7 including HR documents, management tools, links to state and national government sites, specifically for our industry.

When you have the salon services covered, and you need support for your salon business.

We understand there are many moving parts to a successful salon. The AHC
guides you to get answers you need quickly, saving you time and money.

Change is occurring faster than ever, and it can be challenging to keep up with how this impacts your business. You deserve a team in your corner, providing what you need, when you need it.

We understand making the transition from talented stylist to business owner, isn't always straightforward.

Business operations, staff management, and customer engagement can be overwhelming, especially when your passion lies in creativity and client service. We're here to support you navigate your way, build your knowledge and lead your business to success.

Support, resources and community that gives you confidence to lead.

The salon industry is the heart of all we do. As an industry association, we unite and connect salon owners, freelancers, suppliers, and service providers, to be part of raising industry standards in business and education and represent government. Becoming an AHC member contributes to elevating the hairdressing industry to create a sustainable future.

Getting Your Salon On The Right Path


Connect and Collaborate

Book a call and engage with our community of hairdressing professionals. Join and go through an onboarding and welcome and introduction.


Access The Resources You Need

Utilise our tailor-made resources, including business management tools, HR support, and policy templates, specifically designed for the needs of the hairdressing industry.


Elevate Through Accreditation

Achieve recognition and distinction in the hairdressing industry through our accreditation process, enhancing your salon’s credibility and setting a benchmark for excellence and professionalism.

A successful and well-run salon is the perfect match to the beautiful hair you provide your clients.

Don't let the stress of HR, payroll and business operations, smash your dream of business ownership.

Our pledge to you is to provide the support you need, throughout your journey as a salon business owner.